About Dammah Peace in the World Begins with Peace in Individual Hearts

Who is Dammah Debbie Chisholm?


Dammah Debbie Chisholm

A healing practitioner, teacher and leader of awakening and ascensional community, Dammah Debbie Chisholm is Co-founder of Light House Spiritual Center in Mooresville, NC and Co-host of the popular Spiritual Charlotte Podcast.  Dammah leads and facilitates meditation classes, sound darshans, children’s circles, deeper immersion programs with Light language as a mystical pathway tool, and creative workshops based on her spiritual self-discovery book: “Blossoming Your True Essence: Soul Retrieval and Spiritual Abundance through Affirmation, Meditation & Intuitive Collage”.

As a Master Energy Channel, Dammah shares through touch and the laying-on-of-hands, Starseed Shamanic practices and the loving sounds of Light Language. Honoring all faith traditions, her approach to spiritual growth and healing draws from the mystical teachings of many lineages.  Dammah’s guiding mission in working with individuals, couples and groups is to reduce the stress response in your energetic experience, opening gateways to healing and higher consciousness.

Before receiving her spiritual name “Dammah”, Debbie experienced her own “Dark Night of the Soul” after her closest friend committed suicide in 2011. This event spurred a pattern of “running” that eventually wore her down and illuminated an inner pilgrimage of healing, self-awareness, awakening, and empowerment that has opened the doors to the present. This journey included healing and recovery from many years of being a full-time caregiver, a busy-bee “do-er”, and an employee at corporate accounting jobs that were, quite literally, killing her spirit. She was depressed and without a true desire for living a full life. She identifies this as her moment of Spiritual Reckoning – a “Midlife Crisis of Spirit”, if you will!

Dammah’s journey as a spiritual teacher is informed by a path which first led her towards certifications as an Eating Psychology Coach, a Certified Nia White Belt Instructor, and a Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator. Walking the spiritual path through the body first, and then through art as a vehicle for spiritual conversation with the self and others, eventually led to deeper work in the areas of meditation, Reiki and energy alchemy, soul retrieval, Akashic readings, High Priestess/Shamanic work, The Sophia Wisdom tradition, body prayer and mindfulness training. This journey activated many intuitive gifts and the Light language that she spoke as a child, helping her bring its benefits into consciousness, both regionally and worldwide.

This process of remembering who she is led her to her life’s work of helping you remember who you are, on a soul-level, as a Divine Light Spark of a Loving Creator. In every aspect of her work, it is her mission to help you restore yourself to your true and peaceful nature by gently guiding you to higher states of consciousness and awareness and deeper healing in ways that often can’t be found through more traditional avenues. 

Working directly with Yeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Enoch, Metatron, ArchAngels and the Christ Diamond Light Codes, Debbie’s deep connection with Spirit has become her service to individuals and the world at large, as people seek to live lives that are more meaningful, heart centered, spiritually integrated and grounded in everyday living.

Ways to experience what Dammah shares:

A Note from Dammah

Just as the angels, saints, ascended masters, and avatars are energetic aspects of The Divine, so too are we. There is an invitation for us, that if we break the cycle of believing that we are separate from God, that we can also break the cycle of karmic patterns. That we too can be reunited with our own inner Light because it is the same light from whence we have come, and along with it we remember ourselves back to our Divine wholeness and sovereign nature as the loving beings that we are.   We then are in a state of dharma – in full alignment with, and in harmony with, the laws of the Universe.

In doing this for ourselves, reclaiming our Divine Inheritance – this sense of “Peace that passeth all understanding”, we bring consciousness and peace to our soul brothers and sisters all trying to walk the journey back home.

May you release suffering, receive love and realize peace.

Om Shanti Christo,